Radiohead Course Offered at Berkeley

The University of California at Berkeley can take a course on Radiohead during upcoming Spring 2004 semester. Officially known as Music 98/198, “Appreciating Modern Pop Art Music Through Radiohead” was made possible by the Democratic?Education at Cal?program, which allows students to start their own classes to study topics otherwise not othwerwise covered by the regular academic departments.
According to the?organizers of?this course, students will be asked to look closely at the connections between?the lyrics, music and artwork for all?six RH?albums, in hopes of gaining a deeper appreciation for Radiohead’s work, but also to train themselves to listen?more critically to popular music in general. More information can be found in the catalog.
Always knew I should’ve gone to Berkeley…
(Thanks to Steven and David, both of whom you Berkeley kids should thank for organizing this class…)