Yahoo! AU Claims New RH Music By End of 2004

This could be pure speculation on their part, but here it is-
Radiohead are set to shock fans by releasing a new album, just months after telling fans they were taking a break. Back in October, after releasing their last album ‘Hail To the Thief’, and ending their record contract with EMI, the band vowed to take a break and even suggested they were ready to quit making albums. Frontman Thom Yorke said, “We feel that after Hail to the Thief we want to definitely disappear into a black hole of the unknown rather than carrying on where we left off. “It’s always been album, album, album.” But the Paranoid Android rockers are now preparing to return to the studio, and hope to release new music this year.
The fact that the article is composed entirely of two month-old statements doesn’t inspire optimism, but the recent confirmation from Jonny that the band is in the studio makes this worth a read.
See the entire article here.
(Thanks to Brent.)