Buying Radiohead CDs to Impress Your Friends?

Here’s a delightful article from the Guardian Unlimited.
The shortlist for the NME Awards was announced yesterday. You’ll no doubt be amazed to learn that Radiohead top the list with their customary thousand nominations.
Is OTR alone in wondering, also for the thousandth time, just what it is about this group that has installed them as the noughties’ sacred rock cows? Let’s cut through the customary excuse that their “articulate” and “outspokenly politicised” stance makes everything they do worthwhile. (To OTR’s disgust, even the Today programme fell for this, inviting Thom Yorke to be guest editor for a day between Christmas and New Year.)
Why does no one ever address the fact that their actual music is lumpen, ponderous and unlistenable? Like those leather-bound Shakespeare sets most people buy their CDs not to play but to leave on display to impress friends. (And before the peevish emails arrive – yes, I have the sensitivity of a rhinoceros, and wouldn’t know a good song if I fell over it. Obviously.)
You can read the entire article here.