Jonny Greenwood at Concertgebouw in Belgium

At Ease reports that on March 6th Jonny Greenwood will be at the ‘Concertgebouw’ in Bruges (Belgium), together with the London Sinfonietta and Django Bates for an ode to sax player Evan Parker, who turns 60 this year. The concert consists of 60 bars of music, written by 60 different friends of Parker.
Jonny Greenwood also wrote a piece for the Ondes Martenot (note- this may be Smear, which appears at FUSELeeds2004, or it may be a new one). Greenwood, Bates and Parker will also perform new work from Markus Stockhasen and a version of Frank Zappa’s “Jazz From Hell”.
Head here for tickets, but brush up on your Dutch first.
(Thanks to At Ease.)