Com Lag Japanese-Only EP Details

by Dylan on February 7, 2004

Hipster central and purveyors of good music information Pitchfork Media have posted details on Radiohead’s new Japanese-only EP release, Com Lag.
The tracklist is-
1. 2+2=5
2. Myxomatosis [Christian Vogel mix]
3. Paperbag Writer
4. Scatterbrain [Four Tet remix]
5. I Will [L.A. version]
6. I Am Citizen Insane
7. Fog (Again)
8. Where Bluebirds Fly
9. I Am A Wicked Child
10. Gagging Order
While all these songs are available on the various singles for Go To Sleep, There There, and 2+2=5, you’ll also receive a live version of 2+2=5, the video for Sit Down Stand Up, and some clips from The Most Gigantic Lying Mouth of All Time. This will be a very limited release, so those who track it down have something quite valuable on their hands indeed.

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