German Article Translated For You

The fine folks over at Climbing Up the Walls have posted a translation of an interesting article orginally published by Here’s an excerpt, but keep in mind that the entire article is basically an English-German-English translation.
“During the actual recordings I kept thinking that this is the best thing we?ve ever produced. When we were finished I believed that it was the poorest thing we ever did. I always think that our most recent record is the worst of all…the reason for that is probably that you are always get kind of bored by your own records. Personally I think that this new album is somewhat too long?, Ed says critically. Because contentment equals stagnation. And maybe this statement is a hint for the reason why the band rarely ever plays their greatest hit Creep anymore. ?We are rotating the setlist in order to keep us from getting bored. We played Creep a few weeks ago in New York and we are going to play it again in Europe soon. But with In Limbo and Dollars & Cents we had two songs on the list that we haven?t played live for a while. That?s the good thing about having six records to choose from. It?s very important to get some diversion into the shows, ? says Ed, trying to distract me from Creep. Which is understandable since this song has haunted the band for almost a decade now.
Finally the question occurs how Ed sees Radiohead?s future from now. ?I don?t have any expectations. Just let us do our stuff, we are always ready to get the best out of the five of us. We were lucky to make a lot of experiences because we were able to do what we wanted. That?s great: To sound just what you want to sound like. That is a luxury many other bands are not allowed to achieve. Our management and record company always gave us freedom and support to do whatever we liked?, he replies both grateful but also cryptic. Apparently even the direction in which things are supposed to go on is not clear. Considered are: A Hail Too The Thief-remix album, a b-sides collection, another DVD, as well as the recordings for a new album that are supposed to begin soon. After a summer tour 2004 they surely will head off into new galaxies again. Living in a fantasy world.”
Go read the rest at Climbing Up the Walls, which is really humming these days.