NY Times Reviews Bodysong

The New York Times has a brief blurb about Bodysong in their Arts section-
When Jonny Greenwood performs with Radiohead, he spends some time at his keyboards and guitar and some time on his hands and knees, working effects pedals to create the foreboding aura that envelops Radiohead’s songs. His instrumental soundtrack for “Bodysong,” a documentary about human life from conception to death, largely sets aside song forms for experiments in ambience.
Its tracks are like the protoplasm of Radiohead songs: a slow sequence of piano chords with hovering strings in “Moon Trills,” spattered layers of percussion in “Convergence,” glassy synthetic tinkling that turns into a somber march in “Clockwork Tin Soldiers,” yearning melodies scored for string quartet in Iron Swallow” and “Glass Light/Broken Hearts,” and muscular jazz-quartet vamps in “Splitter” and “Milky Drops From Heaven.”
Radiohead fans should be fascinated by the panorama of Mr. Greenwood’s musical laboratory, and it is clear how much he contributes to Radiohead’s haggard beauty. On its own Mr. Greenwood’s music conjures disquiet, serenity, turbulence and glints of wonderment. The entire album can be heard online at