Thom and Jonny Interviewed in NME

This week’s NME has a nice interview with Thom and Jonny regarding the NME Awards.
NME: Have you got a message for the NME readers?
Thom: Jonny?
Jonny: What can I say? It?s nice for people to have patience with what we?re doing.
NME: Its ten years since you last came to the awards, Thom…
Thom: I know, we?re old. U2 were here I think last time. I had a video camera. I remember getting back home with the videotape and I?d just recorded this women?s breasts because it was on while I was talking to her. I showed it to my girlfriend, she wasn?t impressed.
NME: Do you still remember saying the NME Awards were going to send shockwaves though the music industry?
Thom: Who said that?
NME: You did. We have it on tape. Who would your God Like Genius be?
Thom: Whoever turns up! How about the Pixies? They?re reforming. We?re playing with them.
Jonny: Steven Malkmus. I?ve been listening to him loads.
NME: Who should win NME Awards next year?
Thom: I really like the Franz Ferdinand record. And I like the Liars. I think they could do it.
NME: What have you been drinking?
Thom: Wine, but it?s awful!
Jonny: We just did a really terrible thing. We just went out to get our own. We?re going to come back with a carrier bag full of booze.
NME: Have you met any rock star pals today?
Jonny: Most people we recognise, but we work out in Oxfordshire. We don?t really know anybody.
Thom: We?re not allowed to admit that we don?t know what the fuck you?re talking about. Ha Ha!
NME: Anybody here you?d like to make a record with?
Thom: We?re kind of not collaborating at the moment. We?ve got this whole thing where we go into the studio on different days and do different things and we?re not comparing what we?re doing.
NME: How did it feel to win album of the year?
Jonny: We know we can try people?s patience and it?s nice to know that people still have patience.
NME: Those Little Britain Boys were very affectionate to you.
Thom: Ha! He was going to do it. He was trying to give me a full-on smacker. I didn?t want one.
NME: We?re sure the pictures will appear somewhere on the Internet.
Thom: I know.
(Thanks to Climbing Up the Walls.)