Jonny and FuseLeeds04 Clarification

Jane from FuseLeeds04 wrote in to give us a little clarification on what exactly to expect at the event. We’ll pass it straight to you-

Dear Greenplastic,

I thought i should clarify things a little about Jonny Greenwood and Fuseleeds04. He has been commissioned by the festival to write a new piece- Smear, which is being performed by Valerie Hartmann-Claverie & Bruno Perrault. Jonny will be in Leeds on the day and although he will not be performing in the concert he will be taking part in a pre-concert talk with the other composers.

This talk is not at the Playhouse but is at ‘The Venue’ nearby and takes place just before the concert. Access to the pre-concert talk is by production of your concert ticket only and seats will be allocated on a first come first served basis as the venue for the talk is smaller than the Playhouse Theatre.

I hope this helps clear things up a little. Please don’t hesitate to call if you want any more information.

With warmest wishes

Jane Earnshaw

So, when they say The Venue, they don’t mean the venue as in the Playhouse where the concert is taking place, they actually mean The Venue. For those going, The Venue is just down St. Peters Street from the West Yorkshire Playhouse, on the corner of York St. The Venue is situated above the new BBC headquarters. Access to the Venue is via a glass bridge from the College?s One Bar Inn.
Let us know if there are any further questions, we’ll be happy to pass them along to Jane.