“Not doing a new album…” – Thom

As reported earlier, Thom was briefly interviewed last evening on Virgin Radio. When asked how the new album was coming along, he replied “Not doing a new album, because we’re out of contract. So we go into our studio and make some stupid noises and then…”
He goes on to say that Jonny goes in on Mondays, Thom on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, Phil’s got Thursdays, and sometimes they share on Fridays.
Remember when the boys said they were going to take a bit of a (well-deserved) break? And how they may not follow the traditional album release pattern next time around? Maybe they meant it? Either way, the Japanese and Australian shows are coming up (Coachella too), and they’ll naturally be besieged by the press, so expect some more expounding on just what is happening now around then.