Live Colombian Live CD

Of all the types of Radiohead fans, the most interesting to me is “The Completist” (for brevity’s sake, let’s call him Josh). Josh will obsessively collect each and every thing that is officially released by Radiohead. It doesn’t matter if Josh pays $90 for a CD single featuring songs he already has on other CDs- it is Radiohead, it is an official release, therefore Josh must own it. This is an expensive lifestyle, and, with the recent proliferation of 10,000 versions of each single, no doubt a fairly frustrating one.
So, Josh will be no doubt shocked and awed to learn that the Colombian version of HTTT came with a special 5-track live disc. Only 1,000 were available, and you could only get them A) on the release date and B) in Tower or Prodiscos Records. The disc included live versions of: Paranoid Android, Karma Police, My Iron Lung, There There and Go to Sleep. We have no artwork, information, or reviews of the CD, because it’s so rare WE’VE just heard about it. Should you have any of the above, send it on in, won’t you?
(Thanks to Climbing Up the Walls. Good peoples.)