Stanley: Com Lag Art Legit, New Coming Soon

Stanley Donwood spoke to At Ease (and we’re quite jealous, as we are huge SD fans over here), and confirmed that the previously posted Com Lag EP artwork was, in fact, the real deal. The various message boards have been buzzing that it was a fake, mostly due to the reappearance of several Kid A/Amnesiac elements (e.g. the bears and the Plakatbau font). But fear not- it’s the real deal.
Stanley says “we added a Dutch influence by imagining a range of delftware that featured despotic sperm monsters and genetically modified bears. Also, the packaging will have a very shiny varnish. Like a glaze. I would like to make an entire range:tea pot, gravy boat, etc.- more tea, vicar?”
Stanley also stated that we should expect a brand spanking new soon- “we are mixing a big rusty cauldron full of strange ingredients”.
(Thanks to At Ease, the lucky bastards!)