“The Bends” Still Sounds Good – NY Times

The astute folks over at the New York Times made a list of ten CDs (in random order) that still sound good, and “The Bends” is in there.
What they said-
‘THE BENDS’ Radiohead (Capitol, 1995):
Both this CD and its follow-up, “O.K. Computer,” are among the most virtuosic, spellbinding rock releases of the last decade, blazing a path that other bands can watch from a distance. And though “O.K. Computer” is a better work of art, the more rock-driven “The Bends” has the better songs.
Check out the entire list, which also features really good CDs by Air, PJ Harvey, Lucinda Williams, OutKast, and Dr. Octagon, here.
(Thanks to CUTW.)