UPDATED: Bid on Thom’s Finger!

As some of the more observant noticed, Thom’s NME award was missing the middle finger. Apparently, the story is that Thom found it offensive (or just felt the need to damage it), and broke it off his award before doing press. One fan watched him do this, then cleverly went over and quietly slipped said finger into his pocket.
And like all collectable items picked up by lucky fans to be treasured forever and passed down to the kids, it’s now for sale on eBay.
You have until 7PM PST March 15 should you choose to bid on it. No way to tell if this is legit or not., so caveat emptor…
(Thanks to CUTW.)
Update- SOLD! Some lucky guy is the proud owner of a bronze finger, although it set him back 248 Pounds.