Windy City Times Posts Review of “SonicVision”

Moby’s planetarium laser-light extravaganza, SonicVision (which features a Radiohead song at the beginning), is beginning to expand outside of NYC, and Chicago’s Windy City Times has a short blurb about it.

Chicago is the first city outside of New York to host the ?groundbreaking digitally animated alternative music show? SonicVision and it is well worth attending. The fastest and most thrilling 38 minutes you may ever spend in a planetarium theater, SonicVision blends extraordinary computer-generated visuals with some of the best in contemporary music (mixed by Moby).

Beginning with music by Radiohead, the roof of the theater appears to open revealing a starry sky and galactic activity. Colorful things float and fly above the viewers? heads to the strains of Audioslave and U2. Giant glow-stick clutching robots dance like circuit party boys. Suddenly, we are transported to a coliseum whose columns dissolve into candles that emit colorful smoke. Giant hands with henna tattoos precede shifting drops of mercury that change shape to the strains of Goldfrapp. Carved stone windows let in light. Masks surround a giant face. Scenes from home movies accompany a David Bowie song and kaleidoscopic images illustrate a song by Coldplay. Laser-etched Spirograph designs are paired up with music by Fischerspooner and Prodigy is the soundtrack for a network of veiny wires. Other striking images include psychedelic concentric circles, giant jacks and a rotunda.

Moby himself provides the music for images of tooth-like stars, which is followed by the sounds of The Flaming Lips, and an ?eye-opening? tune by Zwan.