MPIE DVD Coming to Oz (and More)

At Ease recently reported that Meeting People is Easy, Grant Gee’s documentary about Radiohead, was finally going to be released in Australia by EMI in place of the cancelled “Punch Up” single. As you know, most DVDs are assigned regional codes, which only allow them to be played in DVD players assigned to the same region (or ones that are region-free, quite a worthwhile purchase). MPIE has long since been available on DVD in regions 1 & 2 (1= USA, Canada, and 2= Europe, Arabia, and Japan).
With this region 4 release, Australians aren’t the only ones who will be able to see MPIE on DVD for the first time. Region 4 also encompasses New Zealand, Mexico, the Carribean, and all of South America. You will have to watch out for the PAL/NTSC question, as some countries within the region use one and some use the other, but as I understand it, most DVD players and TVs (outside of region 1) can read both.
You can preorder MPIE over at Ezy Dvd.