Radiohead on Air America

Patrick writes in to let us know that Air America has been using Radiohead galore as filler music. He’s heard Treefingers before the commercials and Planet Telex at the beginning of Al Franken’s show, and I’ve heard National Anthem all over the place.
Air America is that new “liberal” radio network that everyone’s talking about. I wouldn’t necessarily consider it such- unlike a Rush Limbaugh-type environment, it’s more of a place where things are discussed open-mindedly, with logic, and without all the OxyContin. You should go have a listen (RealPlayer required)…
Any radio station that puts Al Franken, Janeane Garofolo, Randi Rhodes, Lizz Winstead, and Chuck D together in the same place is alright with me. Enjoy.
(Thanks Patrick. And thanks to Air America too.)