RH Used For Conservative Radio, Too

A few days ago we reported that Radiohead was all over Air America, the new “liberal radio network”. Well, Fredrick and Paul have written in to let us know that it’s not only CNN and Air America- some of the most extremist right-wing radio hosts have been using Radiohead’s music as well.
Fredrick wrote in to tell us that a conservative talk station in San Francisco, KNEW 910 AM, frequently uses different Radiohead songs during lead-ins and -outs. One in particular that caught his ear was hearing “Where I End and You Begin” played during the Michael Savage show. For those who may not know, Michael Savage is the guy who got fired from MSNBC after telling a gay caller “I hope you get AIDS and die”.
Paul wrote in to tell us that “There There” has popped up numerous times on Glenn Beck’s radio show. Admittedly, Beck is no Micheal Savage, but still.
Very interesting to hear about these. If anyone knows more about the rules regarding this, please let us know. While Radiohead has never attempted to say that their music is only for left-leaning folks, it seems very difficult for me to believe they would purposefully license their music to Micheal Savage, although what Capitol/EMI might do is another question.
(Big thanks to Paul and Fredrick.)
(Edited for content/grammar).