UPDATED: Plenty of Com Lag News

Several interesting tidbits, all related to the Com Lag EP-
At Ease reports that the Com Lag Japanese EP may have a manufacturing defect. Apparently, the Four Tet remix of ‘Scatterbrain’ (entitled ‘Skttrbrain’) has a very annoying hiss which occurs a couple of times throughout the track, the first one after only three seconds. It’s unknown whether the EP will be recalled, so those of you who consider yourselves completists will want to move swiftly.
Amazon has drastically reduced their prices. The US site is offering it for $29.99 (free shipping), and the UK site is offering it for ?11.99- not bad. If you preordered, you should definitely cancel it and make a run at these lower prices.
Luke writes in to let us know that the bear on the cover is saying “hai, chiizu”, which is what you would say in Japanese just prior to taking a picture (“chiizu” meaning “cheese”).
(Thanks to At Ease and Luke.)
UPDATE: Jim writes in to tell us that HMV (UK) is selling the album for ?9.99, including shipping. That seems to be the best deal we’ve found so far…