RH & Tears For Fears

This month’s Q has an interview with the gentlemen from Tears for Fears, and Radiohead was mentioned…
RO = Roland Orzabal & CS = Curt Smith
What did you think when you found out that Radiohead were not best pleased with your performance of Creep?
RO: What can I say? I?m absolutely gutted by that. It destroyed me. I?m never going to cover another Radiohead song again as long as I live. [Starts speaking slowly.> They are such…an amazing.. band that, that…. You know, at the time I covered it he guesses some time in ’93/’94>, it was their only hit. I did it as a joke, and I enjoyed singing it, especially because I changed some of the lyrics. But my apologies right now to Thom Yorke. I do appreciate what they have gone on to do… immensely.. even though… even though I don’t like them.
Ed O’Brien from Raidiohead said that while they were your support act you treated them “like pigs”. What did you do to piss them off so badly?
CS: Don’t look at me, because I wasn’t part of the band them.
RO: I didn’t do anything to them. They were whingeing on and on about the monitors. We played just one show together, and there were loads of bands on the bill- I was headlining, of course. The stage manager, I seem to remember, was getting very angry with them.
CS: Of course, if I had been part of the band then, I would have been much nicer to them.
(Thanks to CUTW.)