“Killer Cars” #9 Solo of All Time?

According to Stylus Magazine, Jonny’s 20 second solo (between 1:21 and 1:40) in “Killer Cars” is the #9 solo of all time.
They said-
The unsung classic flipside from ?High and Dry”, being post-Pablo Honey pop (an album that has not aged well at all) and pre abbreviated political invective Kid A.
The solo in question is not the usual Greenwood attempt at wringing bendy and unknowable notes out of his guitar, although he does do a solo like that later in the song. It?s the brutally minimalist one between 1:21-1:40, which sounds very much like someone (probably mysterious and enigmatic Jonny again) repeatedly hitting that one meaty note, although I think it probably isn?t.
#1, if you’re curious, is from Nova Scotian band Plumtree’s “Scott Pilgrim”. You can go read the entire article over here.
(Thanks to Ana.)