UPDATED: Triple J Planning Radiohead Special

by Dylan on April 13, 2004

From the official Triple J (Aussie radio station) newsletter-
Radiohead playing only in Sydney and Melbourne? Not if you’re a triple j
Tune into to triple j on Saturday 17th April to catch the Radiohead J-Files
Rumour has it that they will be broadcasting one of the Aussie shows live. However, it’s not quite clear what they’re planning to do on the 17th, as Radiohead will be playing live in Tokyo that night.
UPDATE: According to At Ease, on the 17th they will play the one hour program “J File:Radiohead’s Musical Journey” at 5pm in anticipation for the band’s arrival in Australia.
UPDATED AGAIN: The good folks from Triple J wrote in to give us the skinny. On April 27th they will indeed be broadcasting the Melbourne concert live. In addition, if you miss the J File program on the 17th, you will be able to stream in directly from the website.
For more info, visit Triple J’s Radiohead section here.
(Thanks to Dale.)

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