The Daily Yomiuri Loves RH

Japanese paper Daily Yomiuri has a nice article about Radiohead’s earlier performance. An excerpt-

If you asked music pundits to name the best gig they saw in Japan last year, chances are many–if not all–of them would agree on Radiohead’s performance at Summer Sonic in August.

As the day moved from afternoon to evening and the unbearable summer heat began to die down, headliners Radiohead took to the Chiba Marine Stadium stage on the second day of the two-day event and stole the hearts of the audience at the sold-out venue.

With their latest album Hail to the Thief under their belts, the quintet from Oxford, England, started off their set with the first single off the album, “There There,” and went on to play about 20 songs, including “Creep,” one of the band’s best-known masterpieces, which has long been excluded from their set lists. When the band broke into that number, a wave of excitement shot through the loudly cheering audience, who hadn’t expected to hear it played.

The night has since become a piece of music history, and deejays and music critics alike picked the gig as the best live performance of the year in their respective year-end lists.

I can’t help but agree- there’s nothing like seeing Radiohead take the stage at the end of a festival. 20,000 of us will never forget the way they took the Field Day debacle and made it worthwhile. Those headed out to Coachella are in for a treat indeed.
You can read the whole thing here.
(Thanks to CUTW.)