Monday News Roundup

Lots to report, so here we go-
*w.a.s.t.e. sent us an April update. Amongst other things, there’s a new poster and a new shirt for sale. They’re also having a sale on some of the older shirts, and, most interestingly, they are offering two Radiohead ringtones- not of familiar songs, but of lovely ambient sounds- Friendly Fire and I Get Louder (we highly recommend the latter- should scare the children).
*Bodysong will be screened at the rapidly approaching Coachella Festival.
*The tour continues in Japan, with no new songs in the setlist yet (but one in the soundcheck both days at the Intex). Almost time to give the Aussies their turn…
*If you pick up an issue of Record Collector magazine, they have an article called Prog- Then…..and Now, which has a chart of every Radiohead single, album, promo, and EP released, along with their catalog numbers, chart positions, and net value. Did you know that the Drill EP was worth nearly US$500 on CD?
*LJ user ashley_sama has been kind enough to collect, make, and post 109 quite groovy RH IM/LJ icons for your pleasure. Check ’em out here, and say thank you to her.
*Radiohead: TV DVD was supposed to be out by now. So naturally, everyone wants to know- where is it? The truth is, nobody knows. In fact, in a sign that is NOT encouraging, contacts at EMI have confessed to having no idea what I’m talking about when I inquired about it. So, until some official word comes down the pipe, consider this a bust.
(Thanks to At Ease, CUTW, Tommy, and Jo.)