UPDATE: No Radiohead at Coachella?

From the Tripwire:

All anyone can talk about this week is the Coachella Festival. Coachella this, Coachella that. And with good reason: with live acts like Pixies, Cure, Radiohead, Ash and a host of others, it?s the best music lineup in the States, perhaps ever. But is there a chance one of the headliners will bow out? Radiohead had to cancel their final gig before Coachella, the last show on their Australian tour, after Thom Yorke developed throat problems. Going on stage meant risking permanent damage to his voice, so the band called the show off. What does this mean for this weekend?s endeavor in the desert? Hopefully nothing, but here?s to Thom?s voice healing in time for all the sweating drunks to revel in his magic on Saturday night.

We lack any confirmation from Radiohead’s people stating that they will cancel their performance. Stay tuned…
UPDATE (4/29/04): Thom and the band have arrived in Los Angeles and are still expected to perform this Saturday. More details to come…

By Jonathan

New York, NY