“We’re on holiday.”

Several more interviews have surfaced from the Ivor Novello awards. Here’s the goodies:
Channel 4’s teletext has an interview with Jonny & Phil. ?It?s good that the Ivors recognize writing? says Jonny. ?That?s were it all starts, experimenting, making mistakes, breathing new life into what we do. Sorry, it’s very dull interviewing us at the moment. We really have nothing new to say as we?re on holiday?.
Phil Selway was asked about Radiohead?s future: “It?s not very rock and roll, but we all have families, so we?ll be with them until at least the end of summer. We need to press the reset button on everything before we work out what to do next. We?ve no new songs, not one.?
There?s been talk that Radiohead?s next release would be a series of EP?s rather than an album. What does Phil have to say about that? ?Sorry?, he chuckles. ?Again, we simply don?t know. We could do the EP?s, we may do an album, it could be a regular release, it might be just via the web. After a year in tour, we need to not think about the band for a couple of months.?
And the BBC has more, this time from Ed-
“We just haven’t made any firm plans about what we’re going to do yet. We just wanted to get this past year out of our systems then sit down and once we’ve had some time to think about it, then actually make some decisions about what comes next.”
“We’re just recharging our batteries and we know that we want to come back and make some music together, hopefully in the not-too-distant future. But we just want to take our time and make sure it’s the right time for us.”
(Thanks to At Ease.)