We’re Number, er, Six! IMA 2003 Full Results

Remember a few months ago, when we politely begged you to go vote for us over at the IMA People’s Choice Awards? Well, they’ve announced their full list of results, and we are a very proud #6! Of course, since the official and fansites were lumped together in the list, we actually seem to be the #2 fansite…only behind Ade’s At Ease (#3 altogether). In addition, Miro and the fine people over at Treefingers scored a spot at #145, although we fully expect to see them up in the top ten for 2004.
So a big thanks from Jonathan and I to everyone who vote, as well as to everyone who didn’t, but stops by or says hi from time to time anyway (and put up with our month of downtime). Congrats again to Ade, Miro and crew, and let’s not forget CUTW next year as well- a 1-2-3-4 punch of Radiohead fansites at the top would be a lovely sight.
You can go take a look at the entire list of winners here.