UPDATED AGAIN: Live Aid II or No Live Aid II?

The Sun ran a story stating Bob Geldof was working with Bono to put together a new version of the 1985 Live Aid concerts. Radiohead, Oasis, Robbie Williams, and Coldplay were mentioned as bands we could expect to see at the concert, organized by Tony Blair.
Reuters now has a response article featuring Bob Geldof stating that the story was untrue. The quote-
“I told the Sun this afternoon it was not true. This only serves to undermine the concerted efforts of those concerned with the tragedy of poverty in Africa.
“However, if the Prime Minister wants to organise a Live Aid II, then good luck to him”.
Chances are most of us (I’m included) don’t remember the first Live Aid in 1985, but it was a massive undertaking that raised 60 million pounds to ease famine in Ethiopia. The highlight was Phil Collins playing the concert in the U.K., then hopping on the Concorde and playing the U.S. concert. Seriously.
(Thanks to Treefingers.)
UPDATE: Now, however, multiple news outlets are saying that Bono himself is the one doing the planning, which is why Geldof is denying it. In addition, the concert proceeds will go to relieve third world debt, a cause Radiohead has been known to support. Since there are no quotes anywhere that can confirm any of this, file this under rumour for the now.
UPDATED AGAIN: Bono’s now on the record saying this isn’t happening. So file this under “not happening”.