Mittens, the w.a.s.t.e. Office Cat, Has a Message…

From the good people over at w.a.s.t.e.
Hello, Mittens the office cat here,
I appear to be all on my lonesome in W.A.S.T.E. HQ at the moment. Mel and the others have gone on holiday.
Seeing as I didn’t get invited to go to the seaside with them, I’ve decided to get my own back, and I’m feline groovy.
As of today I have created a part of the store which I have called mittens mania. In mittens mania you will find that some of our newer shirts are at giveaway prices.
And I’ve pressed the button that means you won’t have to pay any postage when you buy from the mittens mania section, wherever you are in the world.
They all come back on the 1st July so get in there and stick ’em one from me.
That’ll teach them for leaving me behind, they’ll get into a whole heap of trouble for this.
moral of this tale…
Don’t mess with the cat !
Go to the sale.
Now, no shipping fees? That’s good news. I only wish they had some larger sizes for us, ahem, plump Americans. Hint hint…