RESFEST Features RH Collaborators

RESFEST, a touring festival which showcases the year’s best short films, music videos, and other creative media of that sort, has announced the lineup for this year’s extravaganza, and it includes a few familiar faces.
Jonathan Glazer, who directed videos for ‘Street Spirit (Fade Out)’ and ‘Karma Police’, as well as the wonderful Sexy Beast, will be the subject of a retrospective, and Shynola, who gave us the video for ‘Pyramid Song’, will be presenting a program of their rare works.
If you can get out to this, it’s well worth your time. There are panels, discussions, presentations, and many many things that people give you for free, some of which are quite nice…
RESFEST kicks off in NYC on September 12th, and continues around the world (literally) for the next three months. Find out more here.