TMGLMOAT Episode 4 Found…

Roth, an admin over at the Hub, managed to get his hands on a VHS promo copy of Radiohead TV, aka The Most Gigantic Lying Mouth of All Time. However, while three episodes have thus far been released, this video featured four. He’s been kind enough to post a desciption on the Hub board, which we have copied and pasted below.
(Thanks to Jennifer and Marcos, and At Ease as well.)

This was taken from Roth’s post over at the Hub.
Same intro as before.
*missed title*
by Juan Pablo Elcheverry
Very Tool like animation of some crazy ass guy implating a microchip into a greyhound.
*missed title*
by Gary Carpenter
Close up of lumber – really, just close ups of various pieces of lumber…
uncredited video
Backdrifts played over some computer generated “ghost” trees… some of this shit is just hard to explain…
Fast “HTTT Cover”-like words flash on screen, I could not make out all of what it said, will have to wait until viewing #2.
*missed title”
by Camella Kirk
I think this is the webcast footage of Jonny mucking about with his various electronics…
RH TV Break: Dancing skeleton and more flashing words.
Looks like water with some effect on it… very brief vid.
Only / Only
by Vernne Yeung
OK Computer type graphics, with fitter-happier apple computer voice laying out instructions on how to escape from Camden Tube Station… A lot going on in this video, I will need to watch it several more times to absorb it all.
Cuts $8 and Up
by Ashley Dean
A 2-dimensional picture of a child moving around a 3-dimensional room.
Park Closed From Sunset to Sunrise
by Jason Archer and Paul Beck
Very funny cartoon of George Bush square-dancing in a dress to cut up sound-bites from his own speeches. Arafat, Osama, Saddam and a monkey are his cartoon back-up dancers!!
Star Maps I Blocks
by Sophie Muller
Very intense full band video from I Might Be Wrong. Lots of shadows and vid effects on all members… Very dark…
RH TV Break: Punch Up over something I forgot to write down
*missed title* – if there was one
by Mike Mills
Close up of a girl as she enjoys a live rendition of The National Anthem. Half way through, a date and time flash on the screen: June 23, 2001 08:52:37 PM. At the very end the camera pans around, and you can tell they had zoomed onto this girls face from a camera on the stage. It is clearly the Gorge, and you see the band briefly as they finish up TNA. VERY nice…
TMGLMOAT host does his captain kirk like rendition of No Surprises.. similar if not the same as the section on the 2+2=5 DVD single.
CREDITS and fade-out.
For you anal retentive types like me, here are the music credits in full:
The Most Gigantic Theme – Tim Bran
5ths Reversed – Radiohead
Fast Track – Radiohead
Nasty People – Radiohead
Backdrifts – Radiohead
Momentum – Radiohead
I’ll Eat You Alive – Radiohead ?!?!?!?!?!?!
skkatterwave – Radiohead
I Might Be Wrong – Radiohead
Punch Up at a Wedding – Radiohead
The NAtional Anthem – Radiohead
No Surprises – Radiohead
Chernobyl 2 – Radiohead