Massive news update.

-In the latest issue of Blender Magazine (think Maxim with less nearly-exposed breasts and more music reviews) there’s a feature titled Sibling Rivalry, which contrasts Thom’s career with that of his brother Andy Yorke.

Little Sib: Andy Yorke
Big Sib: Thom Yorke
Little Sib’s Career: Sure, Radiohead might be the most acclaimed rock band of the past decade, but what about Unbelievable Truth? Imagine Thom Yorke without the lazy eye or … well, the talent, and you’ll have Kid B, whose band released two barely noticed albums before breaking up in 2000.
The Winner: Big Sib

Actually, you probably noticed one song by Unbelievable Truth, particularly if you got greedy and tried to download ‘Cuttooth’ around early 2001.
-Johnny Hardstaff (!) of Pulk/Pull and Like Spinning Plates video fame is working on a “special audio-visual project” with several artists, including Radiohead. On his website, it states that the work will be exhibited starting May 2005.
-The iTunes Music Store has selected PJ Harvey do to one of their “iTunes Originals” albums. It’s an album that contains interview snippets, live recordings, and classic tracks. One of her tracks is called “Collaborating with Thom Yorke”, and it’s about just that. It’s only available as part of the whole album download, but you can hear a sample here (iTunes required).
-In a special edition of Mojo magazine devoted to Morrissey and The Smiths, former Smiths guitarist Johnny Marr gave this answer when asked he thought The Smiths’ musical legacy was.

Marr: “I Know we made a huge impression on the next generation of musicians. Ed O’Brien from Radiohead sat me down a couple of years ago in a barn, on top of a mountain in New Zealand and played me the then unreleased Knives Out. It was an unbelievable experience; I was beyond flattered and quite speechless- which takes some doing. He explained to me that with that song they’d tried to take a snapshot of the way I’d done things in The Smiths- and I guess you can hear that in it.”

-I’d point out the Stephen Hawking/Radiohead spoof review over at The Spoof!, but I think Stephen Hawking is way too much of a genius for anyone to find it all that funny.
-Apparently, Marilyn Manson claims that Jonathan Glazer pitched the concept later used in the “Karma Police” video to him months earlier…and he passed.
-DJ Shadow was a guest on 105.3 Live San Francisco radio last week, and he played an early version of a remix of ‘The Gloaming’. We can apparently expect a full version, and I’m excited.
-Director James Montalbano has made a 3-D video for 2+2=5. Check it out here.
Thanks to At Ease, CUTW, and Treefingers.