Radiohead Better Than Ashlee Simpson… Who Knew?

On his often updated journal where he constantly expresses his frustration with right-wingers, Moby decided to make a poignant political comparison that includes pitting our lads vs. the latest pop princess.

“you know what politics is/are like in the united states?
it’s like pop-music
example a: pop-music.
republicans are like ashley simpson, and democrats are like radiohead. radiohead fans will forever be mystified as to why someone would buy an ashley simpson cd, but ashley simpson’s handlers/managers understand what the lowest common denominator are looking for and they give it to them. radiohead fans think ‘that disposable pop music is terrible, and someday people will see the error of their ways and buy radiohead cd’s instead of ashley simpson cd’s’, meanwhile ashley simpson and her managers are selling millions of records?
my point?
yes, radiohead are better than ashley simpson.

(thanks to Joel)

By Jonathan

New York, NY