Thom Yorke to Take Part in Demonstration

No Star WarsThom Yorke is joining others on September 25 at the Crucial National Demo at Flyingdales to protest George Bush’s planned announcement of the Star Wars program this October. You can join CND at the national demonstration at the UK’s only official Star Wars base – Fylingdales – to say NO to Star Wars and NO to space weapons. This is a crucial demonstration at a crucial time. There will also be a march to the radar, a Star Wars exhibition, a drumming workshop, plus food and more… The Crucial National Demo will begin at 12 noon.
Thom spoke about the demonstration recently at the official Radiohead message board:

i hope you all are well. its saturday. i need to go to bed. im planning a trip to fylingdales anybody want to come? its a nice place. they have big domes and stuff. its up north. and im down south. bring a sandwich. i think they are planning world domination there or something.
its the 25th. thats also a saturday.what should i say. i dont want to be rude. but they are about to announce star wars..
love peace and misfires

For more information about the Crucial National Demo, go here.
(thanks to James)

By Jonathan

New York, NY