Jazz Singer Jamie Cullum Reinterprets Radiohead

sq_cullum_j_ray_041012.jpgJamie Cullum, whose “All at Sea” has broken the British jazz singer and pianist into the mainstream, is about to break a little further.

For the follow-up and second single from Twentysomething, the self-taught musician is releasing his version of Radiohead’s 1995 single “High and Dry.”

“As well as writing songs, jazz musicians are always trying to take material and do new things with it,” Cullum said. “The notion of a standard is something that is 50 years old to most people. I only discovered [what are considered] old songs about three years ago. An old song to me is ‘High and Dry,’ which is a song I grew up with. I was 14. If you could play it on the guitar, you could kiss all the girls.”

Cullum plans to shoot a video for “High and Dry” later this month. “We’ve got a very strong idea, very mysterious, very different, so I wouldn’t want to give it away,” he said. More at MTV…

By Jonathan

New York, NY