DJ Shadow’s ‘The Gloaming’ mix rejected by label?, the source for all things Quannum (including DJ Shadow) is reporting that Radiohead’s label rejected Shadow’s remix of ‘The Gloaming’ due to “sample clearance issues”. The samples in question seem to be of George W. Bush saying words like “terrorists”, “terrible weapons”, “saddam hussein”, “nuclear holy warriors”, etc. (i.e. his usual speech) over and over again.
Plans were set to press 500 copies on vinyl just a week or so ago, but those have been cancelled as well. You can find a pre-release version that Shadow played on the radio over at your favorite file-sharing program- unfortunately, that version may have just turned into the final one.
I’ll leave it to you to decide whether “sample clearance issues” (their quote) or “political pressure from record label executives who refuse to issue anything bashing Bush” (my quote) was the real cause of this one. Keep in mind that this is currently unconfirmed, but we’ll keep you posted.