Want the DJ Shadow Remix?

DJ ShadowWord has it that if you purchase $15 or more worth of merchandise at the DJ Shadow Store, you will receive a free vinyl copy of Shadow’s “The Gloaming” remix. We reported last week that the mix was rejected by Radiohead label for “sample clearance issues” so this may be your only chance to get it.

Shadow’s site doesn’t come out and say that the free vinyl is in fact the Radiohead remix (probably due to legal reasons), but we have been told that it will be.

“We can’t divulge what it is, but trust us…you’re going to want this one! Not available in any store or on any other site, this is one giveaway that people will be talking about for years to come…but hurry, because supplies are limited.”

The DJ Shadow message board has more.
(thanks to Burger)

By Jonathan

New York, NY