News Roundup

I’ve been a bit busy moving cross-country, so there’s been no time for posting. Therefore, we’ve missed out on a few important items. Just wanted to take a minute and fill you in-
Band Aid
Thom and Jonny both took part in the recording of Band Aid 20’s “Do They Know It’s Christmas?”, Thom playing piano (but not singing) and Jonny playing guitar. You can order the single, which also features the likes of Bono, Dizzee Rascal, Joss Stone, and Justin Harkness, here.
For the first time, Radiohead tracks are available on the iTunes music store. The catch? They’re only offering The Bends, and you can only get it if you’re using the European iTunes store.
Slowly Downward
Updated, at long last. We missed you, Stanley.
(Thanks to all that wrote in. Regular updates shall begin again.)