Tsunami aid.

As you likely know, South Asia has been decimated by tsunamis. Over 150,000 people are confirmed dead, and many think that by the time all of the victims are accounted for, the toll will easily reach 300,000-400,000. It’s truly staggering.
We don’t normally use GP for fundraising or political things, but the sheer scale of this tragedy goes far beyond anything we’ve seen in our lifetimes. What’s more, we have a chance to make a difference, right now. What’s needed are cash donations. Some say that Bush and Blair have dropped the ball by not acting quickly or strongly enough- well, let’s pick it up for them. Rather than complaining about our governments, let’s show the world they truly DON’T speak for us. Let’s do a sidestep, and let’s raise some cash.
I’ve set up a sort of information clearinghouse over at You’ll find places to donate, and some basic information about the tragedy.
You’ll also find a “money meter”. I’ve set our goal at $20,000- not a whole lot. If every GP reader were to just give $1, we’d meet the goal in hours. In order to track donations, I ask that if you donate money, send an email to, and put how much you donated in the subject.
Radiohead fans have time and time again proven to be the most compassionate, caring, and intelligent group of people on the planet. Let’s show them again, shall we?