We believe you, possibly.

Thom was on the message board recently, and he had this to say:

JJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJe just to let you know the site ‘scrapbook’ section is being added to regularly now as well.. contrary to what the news sites are saying….
it randomizes contents and those contents will continue to expand, it is for us to look at as much as you, i hope you understand it is not supposed to be coherent..
its kind of funny the moaning about it i think.
well anyway, please dont flood because im jumping back out of the river now…..
luv thom
p.s. whats will all the anal retentive?

GP belives you, Thom. Or maybe we don’t. All I know is that Jonathan went digging through about a month ago, and nobody’s heard from him since.
(Thanks to Marcie, whom we truly hope comes out OK.)