Thom’s Solo Album? Not Likely…

thom_solo.jpgA website called Cold News is reporting that Thom Yorke is releasing a solo album on June 4th. While it is possible that Yorke would release a solo album, especially since there is no new Radiohead album in sight, the article stinks of a joke.

“After came out, we all went back into the studio. I sellotaped myself into a room and smoked myself sick” “Nigel [Godrich, the bands producer], listened as I spaced out and ripped apart a brand new piano, while Protools recorded all the chaos”. Needless to say, Thom’s new album sounds promising. “I wrote a 5 minute track using bicycle wheels and a prosthetic arm. But people don’t take this stuff seriously anymore. We continually called weird when walking down the street.”. Thoms eye starts to wander and stops upon the view of a 20 something young Oxford student “People just have to realise we aren’t young anymore, we have to move onto greener pastures.”. He wipes a solitary tear from his eye.

Hmmm… Yeah. We would love to be proved wrong. Read the article here.
(many thanks to Gary)

By Jonathan

New York, NY