Jonny on the Boards

Ah, actual news…
At Ease is reporting that Jonny was on the official board, dropping a few hints here and there.

Jonny Greenwood was on the official message board typing on his Apple (“you must know we’re all macpod bores”) today. Jonny was asked a lot of questions on the upcoming Easter weekend, where he will be playing the Royal Festival Hall.
Someone asked if Jonny is going to be conducting and another if he’s still playing the ondes. Jonny: “Not conducting.. don’t have the steeley glare. *frown* see ? But looking forward to it yes very much. I think I’m playing it (Ondes Martenot) at the concerts this weekend.”
And if he minds that so many Radiohead fans are going to the shows. Jonny: “Not at all…why would we ? There’ll be a couple of radiohead songs after all. As long us they’re up for other things too…”
Some on Radiohead’s current rehearsing:
Jonny: “we’re all kind of *hungry* for new new new at the moment. Good songs..
…And if we can expect anything new soon: “Well, we’ll have to do *something* with all the new songs..”
And then touring…
Jonny: “A fanclub tour’d be a blast… I’d need to persuade everyone though. (…) I want to go back to Hong Kong very much. And we must go to s america, iceland, and e. europe too..” On the Iceland show Jonny said: “oooh came so close last year…..but want to and still talking about the place all the time. shite answer i know..”
And then some triangle advice. Jonny: “forget it.too stressful….288 bars rest, one hit. What if you’re early ? What if you’re LATE ?”
Finally…. someone asked if he’s celebrating Easter: ‘no, i’ll be in a concert with a sweat on. but happpy easter to you! He died for our sins, you know. Have an egg on me. better go soon… still more music to print out. Hope it sounds ok, so hard to guess till the rehearsals. (…) Well, the music for the weekend’s all printed now…too late to change now….aaaagh!

Thanks to At Ease.