Ed Joins Trade Justice Movement Rally

From XFM:
Radiohead guitarist Ed O’Brien and the Super Furries Animals’ frontman Gruff Rhys will join Thom Yorke, various stars from stage and screen, and thousands of protesters on an overnight carnival of music, art and protest for Trade Justice.
The all-night event takes place on April 15 and forms part of a week of global action for Trade Justice. In London the day will include a gig at the Marquee Club in Leicester Square featuring Nitin Sawhney, DJ Bobby Friction and other as-yet-confirmed artists.
As previously reported, Radiohead frontman Thom Yorke is to be joining Vanessa Redgrave and Pete Postlethwaite for the nighttime protest march itself which will include a protest outside Downing Street.
Now Xfm can confirm that Radiohead guitarist Ed O’Brien will be joining the rally. For his part O’Brien will be serving up tea coffee and cakes when he pops in to help the Women’s Institute at their Fair Trade Cafe. No really.
Elsewhere, Super Furry Animals frontman Gruff Rhys will be joining the line up at the Marquee Club in Leicester Square when he plays a special acoustic set. Other special guests are yet to be announced to be joining the bill with rumours predictably centring round another singer with a political conscience.
“It’s an overnight ‘happening’,” Yorke explained in a statement, “And it’s happening at the same time as many events all around the world. I’m going with a sleeping bag and a paint brush and maybe even a guitar if I can get it in the suitcase.”
The protest has been staged to call on the UK Government to stop pushing poor countries to open up their economies and respect their right to decide on trade policies that will help them end poverty and protect their environment. The vigil will continue all night, culminating in a dawn procession and delegations meeting representatives from the main political parties.
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By Jonathan

New York, NY