Green Day and Radiohead Row Over Loud Volume

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RADIOHEAD drummer PHIL SELWAY reacted in fury when he was kept awake by a loud party held by GREEN DAY – but was locked inside his hotel room by the BASKET CASE stars as a result.
The dispute was sparked when Green Day partied into the night at Los Angeles’ infamous Chateau Marmont hotel, forcing tired Selway – who was trying to sleep in a nearby room – to knock on the door and beg TRE COOL to turn down the noise.
In response to the request, Cool turned off the music, but blasted out a different album moments later – Radiohead’s OK COMPUTER. And in a further act of mischief, Cool tied a rope around Selway’s door – keeping him trapped inside.
Cool says, “(Selway said), ‘You let me out you f**ker! I’m telling THOM (YORKE, Radiohead frontman).’
“(I said), ‘Dude, if you walk into a room of hot chicks and they’re blasting out you’re album, you’re like, What up? Right?'”

From Contact Music, Monsters and Critics, and Female First.
(thanks to xekias)

By Jonathan

New York, NY