UPDATED: Trade Justice Rally bootlegs surface…sort of.

Bootleg recordings of Thom’s solo set at the Trade Justice Rally have surfaced…with a few catches.
The sound quality’s not so good, the songs aren’t all complete, and, most irritatingly, the two new songs are not being shared. I’m not sure what the issue is, but I certainly hope it’s not some psycho-fan sitting in his house quivering with excitement over the fact that he’s the only one with recordings of the new stuff. That would just be mean, and I’d like to hold on to my impression of Radiohead fans as some of the most generous, sharing-inclined people on Earth.
Check your favorite message board (I like MT, personally, but knock yourself out either way) or file-sharing program for the links…they’re out there.
UPDATE: Feel free to restore your faith in humanity…turns out there’s no hoarding at all, but the nice lady that recorded them is having problems with her (borrowed) camera phone and its associated memory card. She’s working on getting everything uploaded as we speak.
See, I knew you guys were ace…shouldn’t have doubted.
(Thanks to Flan for writing in.)