Jonny on the News/Sinfonetta concert to be broadcast.

Graeme wrote in a short while ago to tell us this…

Jonny’s work with the Sinfonetta was being reviewed on Newsnight. They had some fabulous footage of the rehearsals – the small orchestra making very Jonny-esque noises seemly at random, despite being conducted, while Jonny sat on the floor hunched over a notepad frantically scribbling things down. The reviewers spent a few hours in rehearsals and despite thinking it was “beyond them” musically they seemed very impressed and quite fascinated. They commented specifically on Jonny’s ability to built up a semingly random siren-type sound and then resolve it into a beautiful, peaceful moment.

It was also revealed on Newsnight that tomorrow’s London Sinfonetta concert will be broadcast on BBC Radio 3 on June 24th.
(Thanks to Graeme.)