More Stanley Stuff

Wow, Stanley Donwood has been generating a lot of news lately! We have received the latest word from the Slowly Downward camp that chapter 2 from Stan’s online novel “My Giro” is available.

The second chapter of My Giro will be available to download as a PDF
from from the 12th May.
The first chapter will still be available too. In case you missed it.
For those unfamiliar with the term, ‘giro’ is short for ‘girocheque’,
which is what you get every fortnight if you are on the dole in the UK.
If you’re lucky.
-Stanley Donwwod, prop. Slowly Downward Manufactory.

Speaking of Mr. Donwood, NME is now giving away a one off print of the artwork of “Operation Phantom Fury” signed by Stanley. Enter to win here.

By Jonathan

New York, NY