Radiohead front man Thom Yorke is today (May 25) calling for thousands of people across the country to back The Big Ask, a new national climate change campaign to make the Government legally responsible for reducing the UK’s impact on global warming.
It comes as a NOP survey shows that nearly three quarters of the public believes the Government is not doing enough to tackle climate change.
The UK is failing to meet its climate change targets and The Big Ask campaign, launched by Friends of the Earth, challenges the Government to bring in a new climate change law. The law would force the Government to take responsibility for the UK’s contribution to global warming by reducing carbon dioxide emissions by three per cent every year.
The Big Ask campaign is backed by a new report by Friends of the Earth which shows how the Government can meet carbon dioxide reduction targets without nuclear power. Carbon dioxide emissions have risen under Labour.
The new law would force the Government to cut emissions of carbon dioxide, the main greenhouse gas, by three per cent every year. This would make it easier and more affordable for the UK to meet its target of cutting 1990 carbon dioxide levels by 60 per cent by 2050, and avoid the need for more expensive and drastic action in the future.
The public can back the campaign by logging onto (live from May 24).
A NOP survey for Friends of the Earth, published today, confirms that the public wants the Government to show leadership on climate change. The poll revealed that:
– 73 per cent do not think that the Government is doing enough to tackle climate change;
– 55 per cent think that the Government should be taking the lead on climate change – 26 per cent said individuals; 13 per cent plumped for business.
Friends of the Earth director, Tony Juniper said:

“Climate change is the biggest threat the planet faces. Urgent action is desperately needed. But despite Government promises to cut carbon dioxide levels, emissions are continuing to rise. The Big Ask campaign aims to make the Government legally responsible for tackling climate change. We want a new law requiring ministers to cut pollution by three per cent each year, making it easier and cheaper to meet to the UK’s carbon dioxide reduction targets. But we also need the public to help by asking the Government why it isn’t acting on global warming, and asking their MPs to back the Climate Change Bill. It could be the most important question you ever ask.”

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By Jonathan

New York, NY