Thom Yorke Reveals New Album Details

From Pitchfork: Bands like Radiohead can leak little droplets of information about coming albums over the course of a year. Tantalizing us with what’s in store, teasing us with cryptic quotes, and generally getting us all riled up, so that when the album finally drops, all of those droplets have whet our appetites such that we must have the album.
Well, Thommy Boy has given a few golden nuggets of info about the band’s seventh album, which is not due until next spring at the earliest. Yorke feels that the recording process this time around finds the band shifting gears, much like they did in the post-OK Computer sessions that eventually led to Kid A and Amnesiac.
“It’s going well,” Yorke said of the work so far. “It’s a bit like Kid A– we’re going through a period of change. But that’s good. We’ll get there.”
That’s it; that’s all Yorke said about the album. But that’s all he has to say. This doesn’t necessarily mean that the album will sound like Kid A, but that it will be a big step forward for the band.
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By Jonathan

New York, NY