Thom: “No Record Contract” has been updated with a “Dead Air Space” blog/journal that Thom has been posting in. Among his sometimes hard to understand sentences is this nugget of info about Radiohead’s current record label status:

“we have no record conntract.
as such.
any offers?..what we would like is th e old EMI back again, the nice genteel arms manufacturers who treated music a nice side project who werent to bothered about the shareholders. ah well
not much chance of that…..”

He also mentions that the band will be heading to the studio on Thursday.
The blog is a new idea, very similar to Ed’s online diary back in the Kid A recording sessions. MaxK, Radiohead website handyman and once webmaster of the wonderful unofficial RH site Planet Telex, had this to say this morning:

good day everybody!
as you may or may not have noticed we’ve added something new to
dead air space is an attempt to do something that every man and his dog, literally, have been doing on the internet for the last 5 years.
itll be used by all the members of radiohead to put up words + pictures and things when they have something to say. and also when they dont.
its an attempt to make the site slightly more in focus as everything else starts coming into focus, so to speak.
itll be updated like this rest of the site – sporadically with no guarantees or refunds.
i think that is about it… we hope it provides some interest for some of you at some point.

UPDATE: For some reason, Thom’s post about the record contract has been removed. Hmmm….

By Jonathan

New York, NY